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On July 16, 1790, a compromise between Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison—known as the Residence Act—was passed, declaring George Washington’s selection of a site on the Potomac River as the nation’s new permanent capital. As part of the agreement, the federal government assumed the states’ debts.

George Washington oversaw construction of the White House, but never lived in it. John and Abigail Adams became the first occupants of the presidential mansion on November 1, 1800, although only for the last four months of his presidency.

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While still under construction, the United States Capitol held its first session of Congress on November 17, 1800. On March 4, 1801, Thomas Jefferson became the first president to be inaugurated in Washington within the Senate chamber of the Capitol.

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After capturing the nation’s capital during the War of 1812, British troops set fire to the White House, U.S. Capitol, several federal buildings and private residences on August 24, 1814. First Lady Dolley Madison, who had refused to leave the White House until only a few hours before the British arrived, secured the full length portrait of George Washington and a copy of the Declaration of independence on her way out.

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It took 83 years to complete construction on Washington National Cathedral. Although originally conceived of in 1791 by Major Pierre L’Enfant, who had been commissioned by George Washington to design a plan for the nation’s capital, the cathedral’s creation did not commence until September 29, 1907, when a stone from a field in Bethlehem was set into a larger slab of American granite and laid in ceremony as the foundation stone. In 1990, the National Cathedral was finally completed.

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Citizens of the capital of the United States, who are deprived of voting representation in the national legislature, have been seeking statehood for years. On September 9, 1983, a Constitution and petition for statehood for New Columbia—as the new state would be called—was presented to Congress.

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The National Air and Space Museum is one of the most popular museums in the world, attracting, on average, more than nine million visitors each year.

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Washington DC Voting Quick Facts
  • Current Population:672,228
  • Voter Registration Deadline: 30 days before an election
  • Election Day Voter Registration: Yes
  • Early Voting: Yes
  • Absentee Voting: Yes
  • Voter ID: No
  • Electoral Colleges: 3
  • Congressional Districts: 1

What happens to people who can't prove who they are? - Washington Post

What happens to people who can't prove who they are? - Washington PostPatricia Brown couldn't prove her identity. On a Saturday morning in May last year, she rushed into the basement of Washington's Foundry United Methodist Church, frantic that she would miss its I.D. Ministry hours. She took deep breaths as she reached ...

Thu, 15 Jun 2017 12:07:10 GMT
Mayor Muriel Bowser
Karl Racine
Hon. Lauren Vaughan

Washington DC 2017 U.S. Representative races

The 2017 United States House of Representatives election will be held in Washington DC this election cycle. The one U.S. Representative seat for the state of Washington DC is currently held by a Democrat.

Current Seats Distribution By Party Affiliation In Washington DC U.S. House

Congressional DistrictU.S. RepresentativeParty Affiliation

District At Large

Representative Norton, Eleanor HolmesDemocratic
Washington DC Congressional Districts
Washington DC US Districts
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Registered Voters
  • Democrat : 339015
  • Republican : 27622
  • STG : 3385
  • OTH : 1870
  • NP : 70671
State of Washington DC Quick Facts
  • Size: 68 square miles
  • Nickname(s): D.C.
  • Tree: Scarlet Oak
  • Flower: American Beauty Rose
  • Bird: Wood Thrush
When's The Next Election?
November 6, 2018
Washington DC : General Election Day
November 3, 2020
Washington DC : General Election
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Can I Register At The Polls On Election Day?

If otherwise qualified, you may register at your precinct’s polling place on Election Day and cast a regular ballot that same day. You may also register and vote a regular ballot at any early voting center (the Board’s Office or satellite locations).

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