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MT2V Internship Program

Internship Program at MT2V provides a unique opportunity to our students to study first hand American politics and to understand how our government works. An internship isn't just any temporary job. It's a bridge to your life's work or an experiment in a career that interests you.

We recruit both high school and college students from across the nation to help instill in the American citizens the importance of their participation in the democratic process of our great nation and to give them the tools and information to do it. We believe that informed citizens would be less vulnerable to political manipulations and media spins.

We need every American - Conservatives, liberals, and Independents alike - to help us in keeping our vast electoral resources up to date, and work with our small team to let every citizen know of our services.

Job Descriptions

We are looking for Interns for the summer from June 20th to August 14th , but you may intern anytime during the year. We accept applications on a rolling basis and have no deadline, but summer interns are encouraged to submit their applications early, no later than June 5th, because space does fill up quickly. All positions are unpaid, but college credit is available.

All our Interships are telecommute internships that can be done from anywhere in the world. But must meet weekly deadlines, attend meetings via conference call and submit frequent reports.

As an intern at mytimetovote.com, you have the choice to work either part-time or full-time as temporary staff member.You also have the option to work remotely. Interns may be assigned to one of the following departments as needed.

Communication/Public Relation Assistant

  • Administer strategies to reach out to candidates, elected officials, issue advocate organizations to let them know of our services
  • Administer strategies to reach out to schools, educators, and students to let them know of our services
  • Maintain contact information for national, statewide and local media; Contact news organizations regarding news releases;
  • Maintain contact information for national, statewide and local governments; Contact State Legislature, State and Local Election Offices,and City Counsils regarding news updates;
  • Assist with the writing and editing of external communications; research and assist with new outreach/public relation campaigns
  • Create content for the organization on Facebook, Twitter, and MT2V news blogs

User Support/Technology Assistant

  • Assist with creating and designing new Data analysis and visualization tools to turn our fast growing and complex data sets into beautiful, simple displays that tease out unseen patterns and connections.
  • Take part in continued development of our web application. Responsibilities will include: web development in PHP, HTML5, CSS ,XML, javaScript and jQuery .
  • Curate new data and update existing information in our databases
  • Training on our databases; research and answer requests made by users
  • Create content for the organization on Facebook, Twitter, and MT2V news blogs


We seek interns who are genuinely interested in working to accomplish our mission and goal of making factual, unbiased political information easily and freely accessible to all. All interested to apply for a position with MyTimeToVote.com must:

  • Be Creative, motivated, and positive
  • Set aside any political extremism - be factual, objective, and open minded while working with us
  • Be in good standing with your university or High school
  • Commit to at least 20 hours a week for summer interns. We understand that your schedule may vary from week to week but we expect a minimum of 40 hours for a two-week work


Intern applicants must submit the following:

  • Resume and cover letter
  • Two academic or professional references: names and contact information
  • For college students, your communication email should be your college email

Send your complete application to jobs@mytimetovote.com

Credit For Internships

Interns may choose to receive course credit for their experience, and are responsible for making such arrangements with their educational institution in advance.


All our interns are unpaid, however we provide our students the unique opportunity to develop professional and technical skills crucial in the current competitive job market. These include networking with potential employers, Technical skills development, communication skills, community organization, social media skills, customer service, teamwork, leadership and more.


Mytimetovote.com is located near Acadia National Park in downtown Ellsworth, Maine. Ellsworth is 18 miles from Bar Harbor and 23 miles from Bangor, Maine. There are myriad of outdoor activities available in Downeast area(maine.gov).

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One of MyTime2Vote's top priorities is providing our citizens access to all of the latest States and Federal election information.

We're currently updating to the following pages

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  • States District maps and census
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We are working days and nights to give you up-to-date information, but we urge you to be proactive! For website bug report, data issues ,data/rss feeds submission,feedback, or general questions about Mytimetovote.com,please send an email to info@mytime2vote.com