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Georgia Voting Quick Facts
  • Current Population:10,214,860
  • Voter Registration Deadline: 30 days before an election
  • Election Day Voter Registration: No
  • Early Voting: Yes
  • Absentee Voting: Yes
  • Voter ID: Yes
  • Electoral Colleges: 16
  • Congressional Districts: 14
Governor Nathan  Deal
Casey Cagle
Sam Olens,
Hon. Brian Kemp

Why the 2016 Presidential Election Could Impact Your Way Of Living For Generations to Come

Democrats and Republicans The 2016 Presidential Election is crucial to both Republicans and Democrats since the next President of the United States could nominate as many as four Supreme Court justices. As many as four seats on the Supreme Court could become vacant during the next few years with four supreme court justices over the age of 80. This means the next president could have the power to transform the supreme court, and American law, for generations to come. (See Election Dates and Deadlines)

President Barack Obama The United States presidential election of 2016 is an Open Race since the Incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama is term-limited and cannot run for re-election to a third term in office.

President Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States on January 20, 2009, and was sworn in for his second term on January 20, 2013.
(Browse 2016 Presidentials)

Georgia US Senator race

In 2016, there will be a US Senator race in Georgia. Each state elects two senators for staggered 6-year terms.One of the seats of Georgia's two senators in the United States Senate is up for election this Election cycle. The Incumbent US Senator is running for re-election.

Republican Incumbents

Georgia: US Senator Race - Incumbent (Republican) Running

Incumbent Republican Senator, Johnny Isakson, is running for re-election to a third term in office. On November 2, 2010, Johnny Isakson won the election to the United States Senate with 58.3% of the vote against the Democratic candidate, Michael Thumond, who came in a distant second with 39.0% of the vote. (see current elected officials in Georgia)

Georgia 2016 U.S. Representative races

The 2016 United States House of Representatives election will be held in Georgia this election cycle. Of the 14 seats up for election this election cycle, 10 currently held by Republicans, and 4 held by Democrats.

Current Seats Distribution By Party Affiliation In Georgia U.S. House

Congressional DistrictU.S. RepresentativeParty Affiliation

District 1

Representative Carter, Earl L. "Buddy"Republican

District 2

Representative Bishop, Sanford D., Jr.Democratic

District 3

Representative Westmoreland, Lynn A.Republican

District 4

Representative Johnson, Henry C. "Hank," Jr.Democratic

District 5

Representative Lewis, JohnDemocratic

District 6

Representative Price, TomRepublican

District 7

Representative Woodall, RobRepublican

District 8

Representative Scott, AustinRepublican

District 9

Representative Collins, DougRepublican

District 10

Representative Hice, Jody B.Republican

District 11

Representative Loudermilk, BarryRepublican

District 12

Representative Allen, Rick W.Republican

District 13

Representative Scott, DavidDemocratic

District 14

Representative Graves, TomRepublican
Georgia Congressional Districts
Georgia US Districts

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Registered Voters

Total : 4,892,887

  • American Indian or Alaskan Native Male Voters : 1,566
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native Female Voters : 1,747
  • Asian Or Pacific Islander Male Voters : 36,758
  • Asian Or Pacific Islander Female Voters : 40,854
  • Black Not Of Hispanic Origin Male Voters : 572,534
  • Black Not Of Hispanic Origin Female Voters : 859,589
  • Hispanic Male Voters : 44,360
  • Hispanic Female Voters : 56,629
  • White Not Of Hispanic Origin Male Voters : 1,333,280
  • White Not Of Hispanic Origin Female Voters : 1,512,035
  • Other Male Voters : 22,548
  • Other Female Voters : 29,054
  • Unknown Male Voters : 195,364
  • Unknown Female Voters : 195,364
State of Georgia Quick Facts
  • Date of Statehood: January 2, 1788
  • Size: 59,425 square miles
  • Nickname(s): Peach State; Empire State of the South
  • Tree: Live Oak
  • Flower: Cherokee Rose
  • Bird: Brown Thrasher
When's The Next Election?
November 8, 2016
In 76 days
Georgia : General Election Day
December 6, 2016
In 104 days
Georgia : General Election Runoff Date for Local and State Offices
Click here to view Georgia Elections Schedule for 2016

How can I find my polling location?

If you do not know where your polling place is,you can use to check your Voter registration status,Mail-In application and ballot status,Poll location,Early voting locations and more. If you have any issues or questions, please contact your County Clerk

Can I Register At The Polls On Election Day?

NO: Georgia does not provide Same Day Voter Registration. You must register to vote by the voter registration deadline in order to vote in an election. If you miss the voter registration deadline for an election you should contact your local election office.

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