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Can I Register To Vote At The Poll On Election Day?

Election Day Voter Registration

Most U.S. states require voters to register before an election. The deadline varies by state, with most falling between eight and 30 days before the election. Thirteen states plus the District of Columbia presently offer same-day registration (SDR), allowing any qualified resident of the state to go to the polls or an election official's office, either before or on Election Day, register to vote, then cast a ballot, all in that day. California, Hawaii and Vermont have enacted same-day registration but have not yet implemented it.

If you do not take advantage of election-day registration, the last day to register in time to vote in the next election is twenty-five days before the election.

OHIO : Yes

Ohio has "golden week" in which early voting begins 35 days before an election. This overlaps with Ohio's 30-day residency requirement for registering to vote and allows a voter to register and cast an early ballot on the same day. This was initially repealed by the legislature in 2014, but a recent court decision has reinstituted golden week. See NCSL's Absentee and Early Voting page for more information.


If otherwise qualified, you may register at your precinct’s polling place on Election Day and cast a regular ballot that same day. You may also register and vote a regular ballot at any early voting center (the Board’s Office or satellite locations).


voters will be able to register at their local precincts. In smaller counties that lack the resources to handle in-precinct registration, same day registration will be available in the county clerk’s main office and certain large towns.

IOWA : Yes

You may register to vote on Election Day at the polling place for the precinct where you currently live. If you register to vote on Election Day, you will be required to show proof of both residency and identity.


You can register in person at the registrar's office at any time up to and including Election Day, as long as you show proof of identity and residence.


Colorado law allows you to register to vote through Election Day. But please note that how you register to vote matters.


If you are not registered to vote or need to update your registration information, you may do so at your local polling location on Election Day as long as you can provide proof of residence.


You can register in person at the election administrator's office anytime before the election; however, any voter who registers after noon on the day before or on Election Day must appear at the county election office in order to vote.


You may register to vote in the town or city clerk's office in the town or city where you are domiciled up to 10 days before any election or scheduled meeting.Unregistered voters may register and vote on election day


Wisconsin allows you to register to vote at the polling place in your election district or an alternate polling place on Election Day if you provide identification and proof of residence.You can also register in person at the municipal clerk's office up until 5 p.m. on the day before the election, provided you sign a registration form and present proof of residence.


To vote in Wyoming, you must be registered. Simply pick up a voter registration application, fill it out. May register at the polls on Election Day by providing documents establishing your identity and residency.


California's same-day registration will take effect on January 1 of the year following the year in which the Secretary of State certifies that the state has a statewide voter registration database complies with the requirements of the federal Help America Vote Act of 2002


You may register and vote in person on Election Day if you meet the eligibility requirements for voting in this state and you are not already registered,
OR you are registered in one town and want to change your registration because you currently reside in another town. You will need to provide proof of identity and residency.


Hawaii's same-day registration won't be implemented until 2018.


Same-day registration is only available during the early voting period for each regularly scheduled primary and general election. See NCSL's Absentee and Early Voting page for more information.


Vermont's same-day registration won't be implemnted until 2017

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