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Political Parties in Georgia

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American Synthesis Party

Adress: Post Office Box 40099 Augusta, GA 30909

Democratic Party of Georgia

Adress: Post Office Box 20442763 Trabert Avenue NWSuite 408 Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: 678-278-2012 Fax: 678-278-2059

Georgia Republican Party

Adress: 3110 Maple DriveSuite 150 Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: 404-257-5559 Fax: 404-257-0779

Georgia Veterans Party

Adress: 1441 Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Street South Saint Petersburg, FL 33705

Green Party of Georgia

Adress: Post Office Box 1936 Atlanta, GA 30031
Phone: 404-424-8750

Independent American Party of Georgia

Adress: Post Office Box 1774 Orem, UT 84059-1774
Phone: 208-760-7411

Libertarian Party of Georgia

Adress: 1776 Peachtree Street North WestSuite 715 - South Tower Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 404-888-9468 Fax: 404-874-8339

Reform Party of Georgia

Adress: Post Office Box 660675 #35995 Dallas, TX 75266-0675
Phone: 972-275-9297 Fax: 281-231-2502

Southern Party of Georgia

Adress: 725 Ridgeview Road Morganton, GA 30560
Phone: 877-903-0996

Worker's Socialist Party

Adress: 1205 Thomas Palmer Court Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Workers World Party of Georgia

Adress: Post Office Box 424 Atlanta, GA 30301
Phone: 404-627-0185

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