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Political Parties in U.S.

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Political Parties In The United States

Political scientists and historians have divided the development of America's two-party system into five eras. The modern two-party system consists of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. In general, the Democratic Party currently positions itself left-of-center in American politics while the Republican Party positions itself as right-of-center.Several third parties also operate in the United States, and from time to time achieve relatively minor representation at the national and state levels.

Each state has official state chapters of the major parties as well as some of the minor parties.

List Of Current Parties

  • Democratic Party
  • Republican Party
  • Independent Party
  • Green Party
  • Patriot Party
  • Libertarian Party
  • Reform Party
  • Constitution Party
  • Communist Party
  • Labor Party
  • Parliament Party
  • Secessionist Parties
  • Conscious American African Party
  • Light Party
  • Natural Law Party
  • Socialist Labor Party
  • Socialist Party
  • Unity Party
  • America First Party
  • American Party
  • Working Families Party
  • Workers World Party
  • Workers Party
  • Concerned Citizens Party
  • British Reformed Sectarian Party
  • Family Values Party
  • Legal Party
  • Progressive Libertarian Party
  • Veterans Party of America
  • Veterans Party
  • American Synthesis Party
  • Southern Party
  • Free Energy Party
  • Marijuana Party
  • Prohibition Party
  • One Earth Party
  • Southern Independence Party
  • Conservative Parties
  • Others

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